4 Benefits of Ice Cubes for Skin Beauty


4 Benefits of Ice Cubes for Skin Beauty

Ice cubes are not only as a supplement drink. Sensation of cold ice cubes proved to have considerable benefits for the skin beauty.

Pellets of ice can soothe inflamed acne to be stripping it. Not only that, there are other beauty benefits that can be obtained from the ice cubes.

1. Soothing Acne skin
Never squeeze pimples that are inflamed. Emerging acne does feel a bit itchy and sore. To neutralize it, and apply ice right at the point of acne. Ice cubes also serves to eliminate the red as well as deflating acne.

2. Shrink The pores
Ice cubes can also minimize facial pores are large. Wrap ice cubes in cotton and then rub it into suluruh face. In addition to close up the pores, ice cubes are also useful to keep the production of sebum (oil glands) in normal conditions.

3. Rubbery face Before Make-up
Before the make-up, you should wipe the whole surface of the ice cube facial skin. In addition to refreshing, skin will be more supple thanks to the ice cubes. Supple skin that can make the make-up applied to perfection.

4. Smooth and Tighten Breasts
Make the milk that has been frozen into ice cubes. Massage the breasts with ice milk. Do it slowly, because the breasts are very sensitive. This treatment is useful to smooth and tighten the breast.

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